About us


Lerins Technology specializes in IT integration consulting. The company was born from the meeting of its two cofounders – one in PARIS, the other in the EAST of France –, both experts in infrastructures as well as the development and integration of software solutions and SAP consulting.

IT Integration Consulting
Their meeting let them draw from more than twenty years of cumulative experience in IT services for large companies in the fields of finance, industry and telecommunications. This experience comes from working in various consulting groups as managers, managing directors or partners.


The backbone of Lerins Technology is our team of consultants, who are all selected based on two essential criteria:

Their technical and functional expertise:
They all have a significant amount of experience that comes from a high level of training and from successfully carrying out many missions over the years.

Their personalities:
Without it, our consultants couldn’t do this job effectively. They are fully devoted to the clients, and are able to adapt themselves to the ever-changing world of IT.

This mindset also enable our staff members to adapt themselves to the ongoing IT evolution

Jean-Yves Galéra, Chairman

Jean-Paul Bernard, CEO